Family Matters

We work closely with our clients on everything from routine family law issues to complex legal matters involving high net-worth individuals. From seeking amicable resolutions during some of the most difficult times in our clients’ lives, to providing guidance and support in planning their future and reaching their personal life goals, our objective is to assist clients with the needs of today’s modern families.

The process of going through a divorce and addressing the related matters of child custody and support, alimony, visitation and property division is rarely cut and dried, even under the best of circumstances. The most prudent way to ensure that your interests, as well as the interests of your children, are represented is to secure an experienced and hard working lawyer.

The law office of Khalid Mahmood, P.C., offers personalized service and strong support to clients in need of a family law attorney. Our assistance is designed to address your needs and help you make important decisions during a difficult time.

Our firm is committed to fully understanding and responding to our clients’ needs when going through a divorce. We will always act in a way consistent with your best interests and the best interests of your children. While we always seek amicable settlement of matters such as property distribution, alimony, child custody and support and visitation, we also are ready to litigate in support of these goals.

Since year 2000 this office has worked on many contested divorce case, protective order, domestic assault and battery. The issues relating to Muslim Marriage Contract and “Haq Mehr”(dowry). This office can take contested divorce cases on contingent fee base (if the client will get the money she/he will pay to the lawyer a percentage). Office will take on very limited contested divorce cases on the basis of contingent fee and only if issues of Property distribution and spousal support are involved.

Our office has worked on many cases since year 2000 in following matters

1-      Contested and Uncontested divorces

2-      Property settlement and spousal support

3-      Child support and custody

4-      Marital Agreements

5-      Dispute of Muslim marriage contract involving Dowry (Haq Mehr)

6-      Protective Orders

7-      Domestic Assault and Battery


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